I'm Shelby!

I've been writing since I was a teenager. An avid reader for years, I decided to really try my hand in eighth grade where I wrote my first story. Only 20 pages or so, it was still my first work of fiction. It ignited a passion I hadn't yet considered. I grew up wanting to be a doctor, then an attorney, never once considering being a writer. Once that first story was written, things began to change. I graduated high school, my desire to enter the publishing field now a full, roaring bonfire. I anticipated becoming a fiction editor. It wasn't to be. My desire to write and be an author was too overwhelming and editing other peoples' dreams was a bit too depressing. Years (and many partially completed stories) later, I released my debut novel, Shattered, and knew this was the career path I was meant for. I hope to test out different genres to find where my talents and passion really lie. In the meantime, I hope to sharpen my skills and find the audience that craves what I write.

When I'm not writing, re-writing, editing, researching or marketing, you can find me studying Mandarin, playing games, watching an Asian Drama, or hanging out with my husband and two dogs. I prefer salt over sugar, am addicted to all-natural products, and love rainy days where overcast is as far as the eye can see!

12 Tid-Bits About Me

12 Tid-bits About Shelby

  1. Favorite Color: Teal/Aqua
  2. Favorite Dessert: Sweet cream & raspberry or black cherry ice cream in a waffle cone. Cone is not optional.
  3. Favorite Season: Fall--overcast, 65 degrees, rain, bright leaves, the smell of cinnamon everywhere you go.....ah, does it get any better?
  4. Dream Destinations: Taiwan, England, Japan, Australia, Germany, Thailand, you know... the world!
  5. Dogs Names: Gadget and Gizmo
  6. Preferred method of exercise: kickboxing, trampoline jumping, walking around Disneyland
  7. I'm addicted to Asian Dramas
  8. I have a terrible fear of crabs and even have nightmares of them. Hard spiders is what they are. *shudders*
  9. I LOVE animals! Elephants, otters, pandas, platypuses, you name it. If I weren't writing, I'd do something with animals.
  10. Pet Peeve: People that take up the entire isle in the grocery store and don't use the shoulder when making right-hand turns. I suppose I'm impatient. 
  11. Hogwarts  House: Gryffindor 
  12. Favorite Movies: Hook & Ever After