Energetic Exchange

Pay for services, make a donation, or contribute to the global Rise Together fund, which supports events, workshops, and other servies for those who can’t afford them otherwise.

Pay for A Service

Space Holding

This is for 1-on-1 space holding. If you’ve been approved and have a slot reserved, you may pay for it using the button to the left. Thank you!!

Energetic Exchange: $55 * 

*If you have discussed difficulty paying this amount and I have given you a new amount, please enter that amount when paying.

Donate to the Rise Together Global Fund

Despite trying to keep costs as low as possible while still being able to support myself so I can offer this work, not everyone is able to pay the fee, or full fee. Whether it’s for a course, event, space holding, coaching, retreat, my goal is to make these available to whoever desires them. Donations made to this account will go into a pool which will be used to cover individuals who cannot pay in full. Your generosity is extremely appreciated! Together, we can all rise.