Into the Storm

After fleeing Sirabel with her dwindling rebellion behind her, Aia Wynnald must lead her people to a new beginning. But when a declaration of war is thrown at her feet, she’ll need to find a way to control her rebels’ deathly urges. A victorious battle isn’t a won war and Aia’s vision for a future of peace seems like a distant dream.

Going against the wishes of her people, Aia must seek aid from an unlikely source while threats from among her own tighten around her neck. Someone doesn’t want to go easy on the Humans, and they’ll do anything to ensure Aia is in agreement. While those dearest to her come closer to harm with each defiant act, Aia must find a way to ensure the war ends in peace.

But the game changes when something mysterious takes hold of her rebels. The Liberator must race against the clock to uncover the threat slowly consuming her people before war approaches. But how can Aia and Cole face their next greatest challenge when they themselves are subject to its effects?