Advanced Review Copies/Beta Reading

ARC Reader

Interested in free books? Love writing honest reviews? You want an Advanced Review Copy (ARC)!

As an Advanced Reviewer, you'll get the book before it's been released to the general public! What's better than getting something first? Getting that something for free!

I'll provide you with a copy of my book in exchange for an honest review. I'd prefer at least 1 big site (Goodreads, Amazon, B&N, personal blog) receive a review, and one other places for a total of 2 places. The more the better!

Reviews are crucial to the success of my books! You can even become a steady ARC reader and get them free every time I publish!

Beta Reader

Interested in helping me make my books better? Do you have a knack for knowing what's missing in writing? You want to be a Beta Reader!

As a beta reader, you'll receive an early draft of my book before editing and final changes have been made. It will usually be very different from the finished product. You'll be able to help me prevent poor characters, boring scenes and confusing plot lines.

You'll need to be brutally honest (but not cruel, aiming for helpful here), be an avid reader/writer, and know what makes a book work or fall flat. As thanks for helping me, you'll receive a published book free of charge! That and the knowledge that you help make my book the best it could be!

I treasure my betas, and am always looking for willing participants.


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