The Need for Sister Circles

Sep 18, 2022

Sister circles

Calling all wayward women and rebel girls who have walked away from demanding and abusive religion!

Where are all my former religious gals?

Where are all my Exmormon women? My ExChristian sisters? My ExCatholic ladies?

I know you’re out there, nose to the grindstone, working on your careers, your work, your families, your self-healing. I’m sending out the call to come out from the darkness and into the light for healing, sisterhood, and transformation.

Your Exsisters are waiting for you! (And you’ve been waiting for us!)

What is a sister circle?

Unlike your oppressive former religion, sister circles are a place to:

  • just be
  • nurture authenticity
  • allow emotions to surface
  • hold women in sacred space
  • and possibly more!

Pretty simple right? Simple…but powerful!

There is profound medicine at work when women gather in circle. It can’t be explained, it must be experienced.

To be surrounded by women who accept you is something quiet magical. To be in a space where you feel brave, empowered, authentic, and present is a gift. There is nothing you need to ‘do’ in circle, there is no one you need to ‘be’ in circle. You simply come with an open heart and mind and with loving acceptance for every sister in the circle. Sounds pretty healing after what you’ve been through, doesn’t it?

5 Benefits of Sister Circles

  1. Empowerment
  2. Deeper Self-Awareness
  3. Emotional Healing
  4. Sisterhood
  5. Presence

At the simplest of circles, women stand to gain much. Former religious women stand to gain even more, as there is much to be undone. While some sister circles just include the circle, others, like my Reclaim Circles, offer a bit more as they are designed for women who’ve left religion, or are considering leaving their religion. Because this is my target sister, at Reclaim sister circles we make the unconscious (indoctrination, false beliefs, etc), conscious.

Therefore, Reclaim sister Circles involve engaging in more non-ordinary states of consciousness to encourage further processing of emotions, greater awareness, and the opportunity for true transformation. After all, it is in the subconscious where our false beliefs about ourselves and our indoctrination lie, planted by religion as children, and so it is there we must weed them out and plant true beliefs.

Two reasons sister circles for women after religion can be even more therapeutic than long-term, expensive therapy:

  1. No Judgement or Pressure: In therapy, it is just you and the therapist, which may lead to feelings of being judged, or pressured to get something “right” to heal already. But in circle, it is merely about sharing and holding space, just like a good friend. There is no pressure on the individual’s process, and instead, a greater focus on gradual group healing. As everyone in the group has had similar experiences, and needs similar healing, there is no judgement and sisters can freely share. In circle, we come to self-heal through self-awareness and processing. It happens in our own time, in our own ways.
  2. Group Support: Secondly, when women leave religion, they feel terribly alone. I know I did, and often still do, which is why I’m vowing to end the loneliness. Women need other woman, and always have. We derive strength from each other. There are so much more of us who’ve found the courage to leave our high-demand religions in search of sovereignty, authenticity, emotional healing, than may seem obvious. Being held in group reminds us we aren’t alone, we aren’t broken, and we do have community.
  3. Not Just Therapy: In circles, we don’t just come to vent and process our pain. That’s a big part of the medicine, but many circles include elements of pleasure as well! We also celebrate in circle, meaning positive experiences and thoughts are welcome too! You may laugh and smile, make a new friend, learn a self-growth modality, talk about your dreams, dance or play like a child, connect to nature, the possibilities are endless!

Who needs sister circles most?

1. Women who’ve left religion

This includes Exmormon women, ExChristian women, ExJehovah’s Witness, ExScientlogists, ExCatholics, ExMuslims, and anyone else I’ve forgotten who was raised in a high-demand, dogmatic, and/or fundamentalist religion. These women lost their sisterhoods when they left their religion – which is exactly what those religions want to happen. These women must know they have sisterhood cheering for them and a place to go to feel validated.

2. Women questioning their religion

It’s incredibly hard to leave organized religion, especially if it ticks the boxes of a ‘cult.’ There are many, many layers to this that can’t be explored here. Yet, if you’re a questioning woman, you know the difficulties I’m talking about. Which is why these women need support of other women who’ve been in their shoes, who’ve left, and are beginning their new life outside religion.

Why formerly religious women?

One reason: indoctrination (brainwashing)

If you grew up with a mother who valued your voice, told you your body was yours, and you were encouraged to be your authentic self, odds are, you weren’t raised in one of these religions. If you were, you likely struggle with the same patriarchal false beliefs as your other sisters, but to a much stronger degree, as certain beliefs were indoctrinated into you as a child. You learned very specific roles as a woman, and were told very specific lies. These lies operate on a subconscious level, despite controlling our every waking moment, meaning it takes more work to get to them. These women have the furthest to rise because they must start from underground, not at surface level.

Something Must Change

Sister circles for Exmormons isn’t exactly a thing. Sister circles for ex-religious women in general, isn’t really a thing.

Until now.

I’m starting them, and I want them to explode.

It’s about time women on the edges of society have a place where they can be wild and rebellious, be valued for going their own way, and encouraged to keep her head up when things get tough. We need a place for the wayward women who laughed when they were told to sit down and be quiet. These women have struggled to be accepted for being different. These women have been hidden away, so their independence doesn’t infect the rest of society. It’s time to come out and infect your sisters with your fierce independent mind, support her in her rise, and stand up to anyone who tries to take it away from her.

Sister circles need YOU! And you need them.

If you want to know more about my sister circles, called Reclaim sister circles, you can visit this page . But if my circles aren’t for you, if you’re a sister looking for something else, keep looking! And if you don’t find a sister circle for you, consider starting your own! Now is the time for women to link arms and raise each other up. The sacred, brave space of circle is magic and needed now more than ever.

I hope someone sees you in circle soon!

Reclaim Yourself In Circle

Stop struggling! Your Inner child is calling out for some attention. Remember what you enjoyed doing as a child, foods you loved, and places you liked. Then give yourself that enjoyment. Take it to the next level by bringing her out in circle! 

About Me

About Me

I’m Shelby! A proud Ex-Mormon, psychonaut, animal lover, chai drinker, rain dancer, and sacred space facilitator. I hope to see you at the next circle! Contact me if you’d like individual space holding – I’m here for YOU!

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