Legend of the Liberator UPDATE

If you’ve been following me on Facebook, you likely already know my latest decision. I was still putting off searching for an agent, mostly because of the dreaded query, summary, and all the other things a writer must put together for an agent. The other half because I just wanted to write. After some thought and recalculating, I’ve decided to step back into the self-publishing game.

The crowds just went wild right? Alright…maybe not.

Still! It is true. I’m going to try to use what I’ve learned and do things differently this time around. The number one thing I’m changing is speed. Therefore, since Among the Flames is ready for publication save for a cover, I plan to put out the entire Legend of the Liberator series this year! Which means finishing Into the Storm by July and Through the Mist by October.

Now will the crowds go wild? Hey. Where are my crowds? (Oh yeah…I went off the map for a while.)

So I hope to keep you updated and share cover reveals, release dates, and more here soon! If you watch my progress bar on the right, I’ve updated them recently. Into the Storm, book #3 of the series, is 27% written in the first draft! Dance party!

Well I’ve got to get back to writing. But I wanted to share the good news. Are you excited? I’m excited.

Let’s do this.

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