A Degree Richer

Alright, so not quite a post on my book progress, but I figured I’d still check in so any readers know I’m still here. I graduated! I now have my Bachelor’s degree in Educational Studies. Yay! It only took me 8 months through Western Governors University, a competency-based school. It’s like being able to test out of college courses because you already know the material, WGU only requires you pass a test or assignment(s) to demonstrate competency. As all college should be, in my opinion. What does sitting in a desk for several hours a week prove? Nothing. It’s passing the test and proving you have the chops that means something. If this sounds like something for you (only for the very self-motivated) then look into them. Anyhoo, endorsement over, what’s next?¬†Obtaining my TEFL certificate. That should take about 3 months. Then I’ll be certified to teach English as a second/foreign language!

With regards to writing, I’m still working on Into the Storm (book 3 of Legend of the Liberator) as much as I can. My plan involves heavily pursuing a literary agent within the next six months to two years. With any luck, within that time frame I’ll have some good news and we’ll see more LotL books on virtual, even physical, shelves. In the meantime, I just keep writing and staying the course.

Other than that, what else is new? I’m moving this weekend. Ick. My landlords decided they want to sell the house we’re renting. Joy. But moving has its highlights. Moving is a change. And I LOVE change. I get bored of the same things all the time and I need a change in scenery. This will be good. How’s that for enthusiasm when it’s farther from work and more expensive?

So what have you been up to? Reading any great books? Experiencing any changes you’d like to bemoan/celebrate? How’s Spring Cleaning coming? Let’s chat!