Back in the saddle…

Oh how nice it is to be back! It’s only been about 7 months as I’ve turned my focus momentarily to my schooling. Taking time away from writing was much harder than I thought. Now that I’ve come back, with only 2 months of school left, it feels like a part of me has been found. I’m whole again!

What am I working on? Well as you know if you’ve read the last post, I am going to be pursuing the traditional publishing route. I haven’t really dove into the mess of getting an agent yet. I want to be completely finished with school first so I can fully dedicate myself to the search. Submissions take a lot of time! However, in the meantime I am continuing my work on Legend of the Liberator series.

I am currently writing Into the Storm, book 3 of the series. The second book, Among the Flames, is ready for publication whenever I find an agent and publisher. Until then, I can just continue writing. If anyone knows of a literary agent who is searching for YA/NA Fantasy with a grittier edge, send them my way. If you’ve read From the Ashes, please continue to support and leave reviews or suggest the book to your friends and family. The more support I can get, the higher likelihood of being picked up by an agent. I need your help readers of the world!

I know this wasn’t what you wanted to hear. You were probably hoping I’d say “I’m publishing Among the Flames!” Sadly, that isn’t the case. Yet. Just popping in to say I am still here and I’m still working.