Among the Flames has gone to Betas!!

Ahhh! I can’t believe that time is already here! From the Ashes hasn’t even been published yet and I’ve just sent off Among the Flames (Book Two) to my beta readers! I’m so excited to get feedback on this one. I think it’s so much better than From the Ashes…which is should be, right?

But it’s also longer, coming in at 122k for this draft. I know once it goes through my final editing stages, I’ll end up cutting a few thousand, and even more when my editor gets her hands on it. But for my poor betas, they must read the sloppy, bulky copy. I’m sorry guys. 🙁
So in 4 weeks, I’ll have my feedback and the final stages will begin! In the meantime, From the Ashes will be published May 3rd! Oh and also sometime in all this craziness, I’ll be moving. What a horrible, amazing, fantastic month!