Character Interview: Cole Balain

I’ve decided to change how I do my character interviews. I want to show you the character you won’t read in the book, the character outside of doing…heroic stuff. Let’s get deep, let’s get dirty, let’s get real. I’m going to ask Cole a variety of questions and he’ll answer. And away we go!

  1. Favorite Color: Hmm…does it have to be a color? How about steel? That’s sort of a color. So simple, so real. 
  2. Favorite Food: Well that is easy. I love meat. Particularly meat with potatoes. Ooo with some gravy. Does this all count as one food?
  3. If you were an animal, what animal do you think you’d be? An animal…an animal…I don’t know. Maybe something like a wolf? Ugh, this is a stupid question, next!
  4. A man just stole something from a stall. What do you do? A guy just stole something? Well that depends. Did anyone else see him? Was he a beggar? Do we know why he stole something? Do we know what he stole? Without all the details, I can’t say. If you want to assume it’s a common thug, then I’d chase him, obviously.  But turning him in…that depends on those details.
  5. Views on religion: Oh boy, now we’re getting deep. No one wants to know this about me. *Sigh* Okay, I think religion is great for those who need it. I think if it makes you feel better that someone is watching you, that someone has a plan, that things happen for a reason, then you should think that. But as far as what I believe? I believe there is a lot of suffering and a lot of pain in this world. I believe if there is something to believe in, we haven’t found it yet or things wouldn’t be so screwed up. I believe if there was truly something greater, there wouldn’t be so many mixed opinions on it. We’d all be in the same school of thought. Until then, we’re just grasping at anything and naturally everyone has a different opinion.
  6. Your most embarrassing moment: Embarrassing moment? You realize I’m the masculine hunk, right? Mighty’s sake, let’s see. Embarrassing moment…embarrassing moment…Oh, okay.  Once while I was training, I must have been about nine or so, this girl came to watch us train. She was cute and dainty and I liked that once. But I wasn’t trained long and hardly had any experience with a sword. I sliced at the dummy but then I couldn’t get it out. I finally pulled so hard, the sword released and smacked me right in the forehead. Knocked me out cold. I woke up a day later in the infirmary. There, you happy? You’ve opened up old wounds.
  7. Favorite thing about the opposite sex: Ladies, eh? Hmm…what won’t make me look like a prick? You’re setting me up, Shelby, I swear it. Favorite thing…I like the way they look at the world. Laugh all you want but it’s truly fascinating. They see things so differently. They are gentle, they want to understand, they want to love every little thing. They think things through, over think them till they’re blue in the cheeks. It’s amazing to me and I can’t help but love that about them. Also, their hips.

Thank you, Cole! I hope everyone enjoyed seeing a side of Cole. Get to know more about him in my book, From the Ashes, to be published May 3rd. If you are interested in an advance copy in exchange for an honest review, contact me!
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