From the Ashes Gone to Editor

The day is finally here! I’ve sent From the Ashes to my editor, with a peck on its cheek and a packed lunch in its hand. It will do much maturing whilst away from me. Yep…you can tell I’ve watched too much Reign as I’m sick in bed this week. Lovely. I suppose it could have been my body telling me it’s time for a break after charging full steam ahead. Read ya loud n’ clear body. Taking a break. Sort of…

Anyhow, Among the Flames is now being reworked to include changes I’ve made in From the Ashes. I am battling with what POVs and Subplots I want in Among the Flames. I hadn’t intended for one of my protagonists to keep his POV in book 2 and beyond. Mainly because his goal was over, his conflict solved, his fears realized, etc. There was no real point. Until I remembered that not all POV’s are subplots necessarily. So he may get his day in Among the Flames yet, I haven’t decided. I may see anger from my readers if they suddenly lose him.

The goal this month is to get most of Among the Flames first draft written. That would be easier if I wouldn’t keep adding and twisting and finagling the outline.  By the way, what is with it already being November?? I can’t even think about it. Off to celebrate by milestone with a sinus infection and tearing my hair out as I plan Among the Flames. Yippee!