Fantasy Series in the Works

I told you earlier that my next work would be fantasy. Well, turns out this story can’t be contained to one work. Shocker. I am thinking the work will be four books, which stinks because it would be a Tetralogy? That doesn’t sound near as cool as trilogy. Anyway, griping aside. Hopefully you will all respond well and I’ll attract some new readers as well.  I know after Shattered, anyone actually reading this might be disappointed to not see another thriller in the works. But hold on to those hats. Just because it’s a Fantasy doesn’t mean it can’t also be full of thrills, suspense and mystery. It is my quest to make that so. For the last week I’ve been outlining and brainstorming all four books and I think I’ve got it. Now to think of a name… Do you think a series has to have similar titles? Or titles that are individual? What do you think?

Next Novel: Fantasy? Reality with a touch of fantasy?

I’m going to discuss a bit and give a sneak peek into the next novel I’m working on. Among the many started and half finished novels I have accumulated since I started writing,  I found a little gem I started years ago. It is now being revisited and revamped. I can’t explain much without revealing what I don’t want spoiled. So here is the rough blurb thus far. Let me know what you think! Hate it? Love it? I really want to know one way or another!

Aia is a Bender. Benders are forbidden. To reveal oneself as a Bender is to be executed, or worse, Drained. Aia has lived her life in secret until someone close to her betrays her. Now on the run, Aia thinks the worse is behind her. But when a thought long-dead Bender emerges from the shadows and wants Aia’s help to exact revenge, Aia must decide whether to save the Kingdom that hates her or seek her own revenge. To do either requires the use of her gift: something she has been trying her whole life to ignore.  To do nothing will result in the death of everyone she loves, including herself. Aia must face the power that courses through her. But what will be revealed when she does?

What genre popped into your head? Fantasy? Thriller? Action-Adventure? This book started as an Urban Fantasy but as I’m writing more and more…I’m coming to realize it isn’t very fantasy except for those with “powers”. Yet a make believe setting seems to work best. But look at Carrie, The Exorcist….those girls had powers. And those weren’t considered Fantasy. Horror maybe (mine isn’t a horror FYI) but not fantasy. So I still have the option to keep this story as reality focused as possible with a twist of fantasy. Not urban fantasy or paranormal (no witches in New York or sparkly vampires falling in love with awkward girls) but a thriller with fantasy aspects. Sound doable? If you liked Shattered, would you read this?  Would you stay far away? Remember….Shattered was a thriller with fantasy aspects but it didn’t ruin it for you did it? Let me know your thoughts!

Looking for My Genre Niche

With Shattered being my first book, I’ve yet to discover my niche. Perhaps I write great romance? Nah, not enough thrill. Or perhaps my fantasy is much better than my thrillers? Or maybe I’m destined to be a YA novelist? So I’m on a mission to discover just that. I thought I’d like to try fantasy out. But then one of my betas mentioned that Shattered felt a little fantasy to her. That got me thinking. Perhaps all my books will have one thing in common: reality with a twist. If you’ve read Shattered, you know it’s a Psychological thriller with some mystery, action adventure and even some Sci-fi thrown in. But would you agree it could also be classified as Fantasy? That depends on how much stock you put into our technological advances to come. I know I wouldn’t chalk it up to fantasy, but that’s just my opinion. My next book could take place anywhere I want and the story would be the same. So if it took place in a city, it wouldn’t be considered fantasy. But if it took place in the Enchanted Forrest it would? Interesting. So…seeing as I am not fond of elaborate worlds (yet) I may stay in my thriller genre but stay true to my habit of giving “reality” a twist of “fantasy” without going full on Fantasy.

If, however, this next book does end up being full on fantasy, so be it. Maybe that’s my calling! I’ll let the pen and my readers decide.

If you moaned, I’m sorry. If you did a freeze frame fist thrust into the air, then hooray! It may be terrible but I still have to try. I like the idea of creating a world that molds to my requirements. I ran into a lot of “reality” roadblocks writing Shattered. I’m still in the outlining/brainstorming stages of this new book, but already I feel my creativity is a lot more free. I’ll keep you updated on how things are looking. If you are happy or bummed, I’d love to hear your thoughts and opinions! This is the whole point of my exploring. I just want to connect! I write for you! Tell me what you want!