Rise from the Lies 

Reclaim the Real You


with Me

Most of us will never question our beliefs, our habits, our personality. Most of us live unconsciously, the survival tactics learned as children continuing to run the show, despite them causing us more harm than good. Whether from society, the patriarchy, religion, or unconscious parenting, the programming goes deep. Yet we can awaken, rise from these lies, and live as conscious, capable adults.


with Me

Part of becoming conscious is embracing what was condemned by those “in charge”. Whether by our parents, our religion, or society as a whole, so much of what makes us human we were told was bad. This includes play, self-love, rest, as well as connection to our bodies and to nature. To truly thrive as conscious adults, we must remember what we need as humans to be content and fulfilled. 


with Me

Awareness gets us nowhere without action. Once we rise from the lies, and rediscover what it means to be human, we then must use this knowledge to welcome the parts that have been abandoned. We must process our pain, plant new, empowering beliefs, develop habits that support those beliefs, and dedicate ourselves fully to reclaiming our curious, confident, present, and loving core self.


Hi! I’m Shelby. And I was lied to.

(And you may have been too.)

About My Worth

That it lay in my purity, my beauty, and my productivity. I can always be better. I am in a race I need to win. Failure exists and I ought to avoid it at all costs. I will never be enough. 

About My Body

That it is a sinful tempatation, distinct from my “self”, and disconnected from nature. My body is something I will never understand and should seek wisdom from others only.

About my Purpose

There is a purpose to life, and it is to work hard for an ever-moving goal post. Even upon my death, there is someone waiting to judge my performance. As a woman, having children is my ultimate purpose.

I’m Choosing A different path


Over Perfection


Over judgemental


Over Productive


Over Repression

Because it turns out…I’m made of


(And so are you!)


Enough Dogma.

Just Remembering. Returning. Reclaiming.

Reconnect to the Inner Child

By becoming the parent I needed in childhood and giving myself unconditional love, allowing emotional expression, and encouraging play. By exploring our many layers and conditioning, we can discover what we truly need. Odds are. It’s love.

By connecting to nature through eco-therapeutic practices, utilizing the power of plant medicine, and regular interaction with animals. Remembering that you are perfect as you are, ENOUGH as you are is a lesson only nature can teach.

Reconnect to Nature

There is no “one way”

to process trauma, overcome depression, treat anxiety, or find contentment in life.

There are many. And they are  practices – not cures.

These are my paths based on my journey and needs.  I hope they help you on yours.

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"I appreciate the warm and welcoming atmosphere you've created, despite it being virtual."

"I really enjoy the meditations, as that's something I have trouble doing on my own."

"ExChristian women go through things that no one else can ever truly understand. It's great connecting on that deeper level with other women."

"I can tell you truly have passion for this work and give your all to every session."

"I would say my favorite part thus far is feeling validated and 'seen' whenever I share about how Christianity as affected me."


I Know You’re Frustrated

I Know You’re Frustrated

How long have you been out of your religion? Are you frustrated that you aren’t 100% recovered? Are you sad that you feel like you’re still struggling with the issues of faith...